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How to create a shipping method

Sunshine Photo Cart lets you create unlimited number of shipping methods for your client photo galleries in several different formats:

  • Flat rate - Charge a single price regardless of what is ordered
  • Local delivery - You will deliver photos to customers personally with options to restrict to specific zip/postal codes
  • Free - No cost delivery with option to be enabled by discount code only
  • Pickup - Customers will pick up their order from you with options to include instructions when the order is submitted

If you sell digital downloads and the customer order only has digital downloads, all shipping options are hidden from selection since they are not necessary.

How to Create a New Shipping Method

  • In your WordPress admin, go to Sunshine > Settings > Delivery & Shipping
  • Select a shipping method from the drop down and click the "Add shipping method" button
  • Click the "Configure" button and set a custom name, description, taxable status, and price

Flat Rate Shipping Options

Flat rate shipping is pretty straightforward with options for a custom name, description and price. This price will be charged regardless of what items are in the order.

Screenshot of flat rate shipping options

Local Delivery Options

Many photographers work with local customers and want to hand deliver their prints. This option allows the same name, description and price options but also includes an additional option to only allow this option to specific zip or postal codes. This limits the areas you are willing to offer local delivery that is not too far away.

Screenshot of local delivery options

Free Shipping Options

Instead of a Flat Rate shipping method with no price, the Free shipping method has an extra feature that makes it unique: the ability for it to be applied only by a discount code and requires the Discounts add-on.

Screenshot of free shipping options

Pickup Delivery Method

You will notice that the Pickup Delivery method works outside the normal shipping methods. It is enabled with a simple checkbox as there is no additional options available and has no price.

When enabled, at Checkout the customer will have an added step to determine how they want their order delivered: Shipping or Pickup. If Pickup is selected, the Shipping Address step of the checkout process is skipped to optimize the flow.

Screenshot of pickup option

Extra Shipping Costs

If you have larger products, such as canvases, you can include an additional, transparent cost to all shipping methods by adding an "Extra shipping cost" fee for the product.

Advanced Shipping Options

Sunshine Photo Cart also has an Advanced Shipping add-on which allows for additional options to further define when specific shipping methods are available to your customers that allow you do create more complex shipping situations. For example, you can setup free shipping for orders over a certain amount or many other advanced customizations.

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