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It’s alpha software (meaning it is not ready for a live site and features are still in flux), but it’s finally ready for some testing! So far there is a new checkout experience, improved gallery layouts, improved admin UI, and so many more features. It truly is shaping up to be a full evolution of Sunshine Photo Cart.

I am looking for more people to test and play with Sunshine Photo Cart 3. If you have a few minutes to try it out, please follow the link below. This will set up a full WordPress install instantly for you with Sunshine 3 available for activation.

Here are some things to test out:

  • Installation process
  • The configuration, including setting up shipping methods, payment methods, taxes, etc.
  • Creating new products
  • Creating galleries and uploading images
  • Viewing galleries as a customer, adding to cart, checkout (there is a test payment gateway that can be enabled to allow test payments)
  • Make sure all emails are received as expected
  • Test in various themes to ensure the display works well

Any feedback or bugs you find you can simply contact me. Remember, I want you to break it so I know where to fix it before this gets released to everyone.