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Extra shipping fees for large or heavy items

Some products, like canvases, are larger than simple prints. As such, your shipping costs may be a bit higher. Sunshine allows you to add extra shipping fees on a per-product basis just for cases like this. When adding or editing a product, go to General tab > Extra Shipping Cost field and add an amount for each price level. This amount will transparently be added to the Flat Rate shipping option. This means users will not see a separate indicator that the product has extra shipping costs, they will just see a single Flat Rate shipping fee.

Note this does not apply to Local Delivery or Pickup shipping options since you would not incur any additional costs for this type of shipping method.

Screenshot of shipping prices at checkout
Normal Flat Rate shipping in this example is $3, but the additional $2 extra shipping cost for the product is transparently added to the total price. The Local Delivery shipping method does not have it’s $2 rate changed.

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