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Cart & Checkout

  • How to add to cart via URL

    Sunshine Photo Cart has a "hidden" feature that allows you to send a link to a customer prefilled with information for a specific image + product to be added to cart. Here is a sample URL: This uses what are known as URL Parameters to pass extra data to a page. With this URL, […]

  • Google Maps API Key for Address Autocomplete at Checkout

    The latest enhancement to Sunshine's platform, featuring an auto-complete address function at checkout, significantly benefits photographers managing an online client photo gallery. This feature, powered by Google Maps, streamlines the checkout process by allowing your users to quickly fill in their address details. It not only saves time but also minimizes errors in address input, […]

  • Items in cart are not updating or shopping cart is empty

    When you encounter issues in your client photo galleries like your shopping cart not updating after adding items or it showing as empty, it's generally due to a problem with cache. Many WordPress websites use caching through a plugin to enhance their site's speed. Caching is a method that allows a site to avoid repeatedly […]

  • Test purchases with PayPal

    It can be helpful to run some test purchases to make sure everything is working how you want it with your Sunshine install. PayPal has a Sandbox which is an almost exact clone of the live site where you can make test accounts and run test purchases.

  • Tax is not being applied

    You may feel that tax is not being applied when it should be. Please check these things first: Make sure the products in cart have the "Taxable" option checked Make sure you have setup your tax settings: A Country / State and tax rate Make sure in your test order that you have a shipping address which […]

  • Extra shipping fees for large or heavy items

    Some products, like canvases, are larger than simple prints. As such, your shipping costs may be a bit higher. Sunshine allows you to add extra shipping fees on a per-product basis just for cases like this. When adding or editing a product, find the "Extra Shipping Fee" (or just "Shipping" in older versions) field and add an […]