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How to sell digital downloads for entire gallery

Sunshine Photo Cart Pro has the ability to let you sell all the digital negative images from a gallery as a single product.

Step 1

Sunshine > Products > Add New. Create a new product like any other in Sunshine. Find the option to make the product Downloadable and then the option to make this product the Entire Gallery Download.

Step 2

When users are viewing a gallery, they will see the option to “Purchase Entire Session” (or whatever you named the product).

Step 3

In the cart, users will see the entire session as another product with the featured image for the gallery as the thumbnail.

Step 4

On the order detail / confirmation page, users will be able to download all the images from the link provided.

This feature creates a zip file of all the download files on your server, makes it available to download for the user then removes the file. However, some shared servers may not be able to handle the resources required to zip many, large files together and this feature could fail for you.