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How to sell digital downloads for entire gallery

Sunshine Photo Cart Pro has the ability to let you sell all the digital negative images from a gallery as a single product. This will build a zip file of every image in the gallery purchased (and optionally all the child galleries as well) for your customer and make the download link available after payment.

Creating this type of product is the same as making a standard one, with a few extra simple steps:

  • Set the Type to "Download"
  • Click the Download tab and select the "Entire gallery download" option.
  • There is another option which allows you to include all child galleries as part of the purchase.

You do not need to assign this product to any category, a link will automatically be made available at the top of the gallery.

Screenshot of admin where to select the Digital Download product type
Edit product screen and where to select the "Digital Download" product type
Screenshot of Download tab and available settings
"Download" tab with available options needed to convert this into a full gallery download product
Screenshot showing where link to purchase entire gallery download product
Link for customer to purchase entire gallery download product

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