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How to setup digital downloads

This article relates to the Digital Downloads add-on

Digital downloads allows you to sell the digital, high resolution files to your customers. Files are available for download immediately after the customer has finished their order.

Step 2

When creating the product, check the “Downloadable” option. Then you can choose options for what size you want the download file to be. Using this feature you can sell both low and high resolution digital downloads to your clients by creating multiple Download products at different sizes. Leave the sizes empty/blank and it will be the full resolution you have uploaded.

Step 3

Create a gallery and upload your high resolution photos. The various sizes will be generated when the client purchases (so your server does not get overloaded with hundreds of extra images until they are actually needed).

Step 4

When clients purchase a downloadable product, they are shown a download link on the order detail page immediately after purchase and in their email confirmation.

Note: Download links are not visible on an order when the order status is “Pending” or “Cancelled”. By default, check payments are initially set to “Pending” and download links are not visible until you update the order status once you receive their payment.

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