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  • How to create a product category

    To help make the setting up your products faster, it is recommended to set up all your product categories first. Watch the video below for exactly how to create a new product category or read the steps below. Steps for creating a new product category In your WordPress admin, hover over the “Products” tab and […]

  • How to create a product

    Products are vital for photographers, forming the core of client photo galleries. This guide will quickly walk you through how to create a basic print product in Sunshine Photo Cart. Additional guides for specific product types: Setting up organization first Before creating your products, it is recommended to first create your product category organization. You […]

  • Setting up price levels

    Price levels let you sell your products at different prices for each gallery. Charge your wedding clients more for the same 8×10 as your portrait clients!

  • How to create a digital download product

    Digital downloads allows you to sell the digital, high resolution files to your customers. Files are available for download immediately after the customer has finished their order.

  • How to create a package

    A package is the selling of multiple products as a single product. For example, you could sell an 8×10 print, 20×30 canvas and a digital download all for a single price (usually discounted from what it would be to buy the items individually).

  • Setting up product options

    Options allow you to make your products customizable for customers. You can add any kind of option you want to a product such as paper type for prints, additional frames, or offer photo retouching. Watch the video or read the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to set up product options in your client photo […]

  • How to order products

    It’s important to organize your products in an order that is easy for your customer to follow. Sunshine Photo Cart allows you to set the specific order of products in your client photo galleries with an easy drag and drop system. Note: You may need to show all products at once to more easily sort […]

  • How to create multi-image products

    Multi-image products are new in Sunshine Photo Cart 3 and allow you to create a single product where multiple images can be selected to fill it. Some popular examples are a Photo Box or Album. Creating a multi-image product is as easy as creating a standard product but with only a couple extra steps:

  • How to order product categories

    You can control the order in which your product categories appear to clients in the Add to Cart form.

  • How to set quantity discounts

    Price tiers let you give discounts to clients when they purchase set quantities of a product.