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Don’t let clients see other galleries

Some photographers want to setup Sunshine so their clients can only see their own gallery and not any others. There are a couple ways to do this.

Gallery Type: Private

You can set each gallery to Private which means only the users assigned to the gallery can view it and it will be hidden from anyone else.

Access Type: Direct URL Only

If you set the Access Type to Direct URL Only, it will be hidden on the main Client Galleries page and accessing the direct URL for the gallery will work for anyone (no password or login required).

Password Landing Page

Another popular option is to create a gallery password landing page. Start by creating a new Page on your WordPress site, use the [sunshine_gallery_password] shortcode on this page. This will show a simple password input field where you can prompt users to enter the password for their gallery. When they enter a valid password they are automatically taken to the respective gallery and given access. Instead of linking to your main Client Galleries page, link to this new page. This also requires all galleries be set to Password Protected.

For Direct URL and Password Landing Page, it is also suggested to go to Sunshine > Settings > Design, check the option for “Disable breadcrumbs” and “Hide link to main galleries”.

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