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Selling Videos

This article may be outdated and referencing Sunshine Photo Cart 2. Documentation articles are currently being updated and hope to be fully accurate very soon. Apologies for any confusion.

Sunshine is not really geared towards selling videos but there is a workaround with a small known feature of the Digital Downloads add-on. Sunshine galleries only display .jpg image files. However, you can upload any type of file to the gallery. The Digital Downloads add-on will actually include any file that matches the root file name with a different extension.

For example, if you upload “image1.jpg”, “image1.png”, “image1.pdf” and “”, all 4 of these files will be included in the digital download.

Currently allowed extensions: .zip, .tif, .tiff, .dng, .png, .raw, .psd, .pdf. You can add more extensions using the “sunshine_allowed_file_extensions” filter.

Step 1

Upload an image with any filename, let’s use “video1.jpg” as an example. A screenshot from the video might work well here.

Step 2

Create a zip file from your video, name it “”.

Step 3

Upload it into the Gallery upload area just like you did the image.


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