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Tips, Tricks & How-Tos

  • How to set default featured images for galleries

    Sunshine Photo Cart wants to give you total control over your client photo galleries in WordPress. Many photographers have unique workflows and requirements based on their specific way of how images are shown and which ones are shown as well. Sunshine Photo Cart gives you unparalleled control over every aspect of featured images for your […]

  • Alternative admin gallery list view

    Some photographers will build thousands and thousands of galleries in Sunshine Photo Cart and then management of those can become a bit challenging. You can search in the admin by gallery name, but sometimes you need to click through your hierarchy of galleries to find the one you want. What I love about building Sunshine […]

  • How to create a new customer account

    Creating customer accounts for your client photo galleries in Sunshine Photo Cart can sometimes be necessary when you are creating private galleries and only want specific users to have access. Before you can assign a customer to a gallery, their account must exist first.

  • Add single product to cart from thumbnail

    What I love about offering Sunshine Photo Cart as a WordPress client gallery plugin is it can easily be extended to work exactly as each photographer needs. For photographers who only offer a single product with no options (often a Digital Download), this small code snippet will allow your customers to more quickly add to […]

  • How to customize the product options display

    With Sunshine Photo Cart, you have many ways to customize how everything in your WordPress client galleries shop. One specific request that has come up multiple times now is customizing the look of how product options are displayed to the customer on the add to cart screen. Here is the default view which will show […]

  • How to customize the URL for galleries

    Over the years, it has become apparent there are as many client gallery configurations needed as there are photographers in the world. As a result, a Sunshine Photo Cart mantra is to be as flexible as possible for photographers to create the exact client gallery experience they want for their customers. Built into WordPress is […]

  • How to include an extra image file size in all purchased downloads

    With the Digital Downloads add-on, you can create and sell unlimited number of digital products at any image dimensions you would like. Optionally, you can apply a watermark to the download file as well. Some photographers like to include an additional copy of the purchased image from their online client photo gallery. Usually this is […]

  • How to create a free download at specific size with optional watermark

    With the Digital Downloads add-on, there are many unique setups you can offer to customers. A common one photographers using Sunshine Photo Cart for their client galleries will set up is a free, small sized download with a watermark. The goal of this is to entice their customers to share photos from a session and […]

  • How to apply custom code for Sunshine Photo Cart

    One of the great things about WordPress is it's ability to be customized. It's one reason Sunshine Photo Cart was built as a WordPress plugin because it gives you, the photographer, more control over exactly how you want your client galleries to perform. Sunshine has many features and customization options out of the box, but […]

  • Redirect to customer URL after login

    Sunshine Photo Cart has it's own login forms to allow customers to access their account. Accessible once logged in within the Account area is their order history, any private galleries assigned, and customer profile/addresses. One of the great benefits of Sunshine Photo Cart for your client galleries is the ability to customize it to work […]