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How to include an extra image file size in all purchased downloads

With the Digital Downloads add-on, you can create and sell unlimited number of digital products at any image dimensions you would like. Optionally, you can apply a watermark to the download file as well. Some photographers like to include an additional copy of the purchased image from their online client photo gallery. Usually this is an image more appropriately sized for social media sharing and can optionally include a watermark.

Step 1: Setup the digital download product

You can follow the same steps on how to create a digital download product for your client galleries, with a few slight differences for our needs here. Below you will see the initial digital product set up where the "Type" is set to "Digital Download".

If you do not want to sell this item and only include it with other downloads, simply leave all the price fields empty.

Step 2: Configure the digital download product options

Next, click the Download tab to get to the additional options for your digital download product. You will configure your dimensions (I have set 600x600), enable the Watermark option if you want, and enable the All Orders option.

You can also enable the Free Download option to include this download product size in all free downloads as well.

You're all set! When your client purchases any digital item, they will automatically have an additional image file that matches the settings here: a 600x600 (keeping proportional dimensions) with a watermark based on your watermark settings applied.

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