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How to create private galleries

Private galleries give access to specific user accounts and hide and prevent access to the gallery by anyone else.

If you are logged in as an administrator, you automatically have access to the gallery. To confirm proper access, try visiting your gallery in an incognito browser window or while logged out.

Create Customer Account

Before making a gallery private and accessible to specific customers, they must first have their own account. You can always create a new customer account for them if they have not yet signed up by going to your WordPress admin > Users > Add New. Be sure to select “Sunshine Customer” for the “Role”.

Create Gallery

Follow the same steps you would to create any new gallery.

Configure Private Gallery

  • When adding/editing a gallery, go to the “General Options” tab
  • Select “Private” for “Gallery Type”
  • For “Allowed Customers”, select the customer from the list or type in the username/email of the customers you want to assign access for this gallery and select.

You can select any number of customer accounts to assign to a gallery.

Screenshot of settings to create a private gallery

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