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  • How to set default featured images for galleries

    Sunshine Photo Cart wants to give you total control over your client photo galleries in WordPress. Many photographers have unique workflows and requirements based on their specific way of how images are shown and which ones are shown as well. Sunshine Photo Cart gives you unparalleled control over every aspect of featured images for your […]

  • Ordering images in client photo galleries

    Sunshine Photo Cart is a WordPress client photo gallery for photographers which allows immense customization including the ability to order images within your galleries in a variety of ways. You have the choice to let the Sunshine sort your images for you, or you can arrange them yourself the way you want. Sorting images in […]

  • How to create a new gallery

    Sunshine Photo Cart makes creating galleries a breeze. Watch the following video or read the detail step-by-step instructions below. Basic Information To create a new gallery in Sunshine Photo Cart, find the Galleries Tab and click on Add New. Next, enter a name and optionally you can include any content you wish. You can also […]

  • Using FTP to upload images and create galleries

    Galleries are the heart and soul of Sunshine Photo Cart. The following steps require you have access to upload your image files via FTP and your WordPress administration area.

  • Create a password protected gallery

    Password protected galleries allow you to make a gallery only visible to people who first enter a password. A great way to allow a gallery to be visible only to your client or whomever else they want to share the password. Create a Gallery Follow the same steps to create a new gallery Set Gallery […]

  • How to create private galleries

    Private galleries allow you to assign specific users to see a gallery while making them invisible to everyone else.

  • Regenerating images for galleries

    Sunshine generates the necessary sizes of an image and applies any watermark at the time an image is uploaded. If you have changed any of your image size or watermark settings you will need to regenerate the images from the original upload file. Regenerate all images Sunshine has a built-in tool for regenerating images for […]

  • How to create sub galleries

    Large events, such as weddings, are easier for clients to go through photos if broken up into smaller galleries.

  • How to add a watermark image

    Watermarks are a great tool to help prevent image theft in your galleries. Sunshine Photo Cart let’s you assign any image to act as the watermark, customize it’s placement, size/scale, and opacity. Here’s how: Important things to know about watermarks in Sunshine Photo Cart Watermarks are applied at the time images are uploaded to galleries. […]

  • How to create volume galleries

    The Volume Galleries add-on allows you to upload images via FTP to your server in a predefined hierarchical structure and quickly build many galleries at once. You can choose a source gallery to act as the guide to apply settings for each of the galleries generated. An optional data CSV file will allow you to […]