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How to create a new gallery (preferred method)

Step 1

Go to Sunshine > Galleries > Add New

Step 2

Enter a name and optional content. If you enter content, it will be displayed to the user when viewing the image thumbnails.

Step 3

Choose the visibility you want – Public, Password Protected or Private.

Password Protected: Users will have to enter a password before they can view the gallery images. Once they enter the password, it will not ask them for it again (if on the same computer/browser).

Private: Assign the gallery to only be visible and accessible to specified users. If the user does not yet exist, you must create the user before assigning them to the gallery.

Step 4

If this is a sub-gallery, choose the parent gallery

Step 5

Upload your low resolution images. Either click the “Select files” button or just drag and drop into the box.

Recommended size is 800×600 at 72dpi or somewhere around there. 

Step 6

Choose a Featured Image to represent this gallery. If a Featured Image is not chosen, the first image uploaded to the gallery will be used.

Step 7

Configure any additional options you may need.

Sunshine does have a method for FTP image file uploads. If you used the built-in browser-based upload tool as outlined in these steps, you can ignore the FTP folder options in the additional options.