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How to create a new customer account

You may run into a situation where you want to create a customer’s account for them. The most often reason is when making private galleries so you can assign the customer to their gallery.

Creating a client photo gallery customer

  • In your WordPress admin, go to Users > Add New
  • Add all the details you can like first/last name and email address (You can use their email address as the username as well if you wish)
  • Set the user account password – I recommend using the built in password generator to create a more complex password
  • Be sure to set the “Role” as “Sunshine Customer” – this ensures the user account is better associated within the Sunshine Customer management area and you can get data and stats on the customer account
Screenshot of the add new user/customer screen in WordPress

Invite a user to be a customer

One thing to consider when creating a user account for customers is that you are setting the password for your customer. This can be a challenge for your customer as they may rely on their password manager

To help with this, the Messaging add-on allows you to send a template email to a customer inviting them to sign up and create their customer account. You enter their email address and use your pre-written template to send an email to customers with instructions on how to create an account and why. Once they create their account with their own password, they can then be assigned to any galleries you wish.

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