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Problems & Solutions

Favorites, user registration, and preventing spam

Sunshine does require users to register in order to allow them to save their favorite images. This is because we need the favorited images tied to something in order for them to be saved and accessible on a return visit to your site. A user account is the most effective way to do this. To […]

No products to add to cart

First, make sure you have created some products with prices and assigned them to at least one category. Products that are not assigned to any category will not appear as an option to be purchased. Even if you do not need to use multiple categories, there should be at least one default category that all products […]

Password protected galleries won’t load after password submitted

If users are entering the password for a specific gallery and then are being shown the password input again, the issue is almost certainly caching. You either have server-level caching from your web host or you have added a caching plugin to your WordPress install. Sunshine tries to use a common WordPress method for disabling […]

Keeping images out of Google search results

Please know: The moment you put any image online, it can be available to the entire internet. The only true way to protect an image is to never put it online in the first place. A few Sunshine users have found that client images end up in Google’s search results. After digging, we found that […]

Digital download failed for full gallery or order downloads

You may find that downloading individual images works fine but downloading of an entire gallery fails. The Digital Downloads add-on’s default setting is set to build zip files of all the images in the gallery on the fly for user to save server space on your web hosting and also build a zip file of […]

Gallery won’t load

If you are trying to view a gallery but it will not load, it is often 1 of 2 reasons: Permalinks are not properly configured Go to your general WordPress Settings > Permalinks. Just resave the existing settings without changing anything. This will refresh your permalink settings and should get Sunshine’s needed settings back into […]

I am seeing an error message (on the frontend)…

If you are seeing an error message on the frontend of your site it is recommended to turn them off. In most cases, these are actually warnings and not errors. Basically, PHP knows what the code should be doing but there may be a specific scenario where the code could have been a little more […]

Invalid zip file for digital downloads

If you are experiencing downloads which generate a zip file but you or your customers cannot unzip or open the zip file, server memory is likely the cause. What often happens in these cases is your web server runs out of memory trying to build the zip file and then just stops processing it. It […]

How to test for conflicts with other plugins

Sometimes things in Sunshine don’t seem to work how you would expect – clicking a link doesn’t work, something displays a little awkward, etc. It is possible there is a conflict with another plugin or even your theme. To help identify if there is a conflict follow these steps:

Customize text in Sunshine

As of writing this, there are over 1,600 strings of text throughout Sunshine and all the add-ons. Having a built-in tool for customizing every string isn’t feasible. However, the great thing about WordPress is its vast plugins like Loco Translate which is a perfect solution to handle customizing strings in Sunshine, or any other plugin/theme, […]