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Problems & Solutions

  • I can't find a customer!

    Sunshine Photo Cart 3 introduced the "Sunshine Customer" role to help separate them from other aspects of your WordPress site. Only WordPress user accounts assigned to this new role will appear in your Customers list. If you have looked through your Sunshine Customers list for your online photo proofing galleries in Sunshine Photo Cart's admin […]

  • Downgrading to Sunshine 2

    First and foremost, it is highly recommended to update to Sunshine 3. Sunshine 2 is no longer supported or maintained meaning you may leave yourself open to security risks. Are you sure you need to downgrade? If you were updated and your galleries are not working, please make sure you have run the Sunshine 3 […]

  • Sunshine 3 Update and Deactivated Add-ons

    In Sunshine 3, all add-ons also need to be updated in order to be compatible with the latest version. If your site auto-updated the core Sunshine Photo Cart plugin but not the add-ons, this could cause issues with your website and Sunshine Photo Cart. As a result, Sunshine 3.0.2 will now automatically deactivate any outdated […]

  • Cache plugins and getting them to work with Sunshine Photo Cart

    In the digital world, speed is king, and caching is the cornerstone of a swift WordPress website. Cache plugins and server-level caching are akin to digital memory, storing static snapshots of your site's pages. This process significantly reduces load times, decreases server demands, and enhances user experience, leading to better engagement and SEO rankings. However, […]

  • No products to add to cart

    If you are not seeing the expected products available to add to cart when viewing your client photo galleries, check the following common reasons this might be happening: Your products are assigned to at least one category First, make sure you have created some products with prices and assigned them to at least one category. Products […]

  • Keeping images out of Google search results

    Please know: The moment you put any image online, it can be available to the entire internet. The only true way to protect an image is to never put it online in the first place. A few Sunshine users have found that client images end up in Google's search results. After digging, we found that […]

  • Digital download failed or zip file cannot be opened

    You may find that downloading individual images works fine but downloading of an entire gallery fails - sometimes with a zip file that cannot be opened. The Digital Downloads add-on's default setting is set to build zip files of all the images in the gallery on the fly for user to save server space on […]

  • Password protected galleries won't load after password submitted

    When managing client photo galleries in Sunshine Photo Cart, a common issue that arises is gallery passwords not working as expected. This can be particularly problematic when you or your clients try to access a password-protected gallery. You enter the password, but instead of granting access to the gallery, the page just reloads and prompts […]

  • I am seeing an error message (on the frontend)...

    If you are seeing an error message on the frontend of your site it is recommended to turn them off. In most cases, these are actually warnings and not errors. Basically, PHP knows what the code should be doing but there may be a specific scenario where the code could have been a little more […]

  • Invalid zip file for digital downloads

    If you are experiencing digital downloads which generate a zip file but you or your customers cannot unzip or open the zip file, server memory is likely the cause. What often happens in these cases is your web server runs out of memory trying to build the zip file and then just stops processing it. […]