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Customize text in Sunshine

As of writing this, there are over 1,600 strings of text throughout Sunshine and all the add-ons. Having a built-in tool for customizing every string isn’t feasible. However, the Say What? plugin is a perfect solution to handle customizing strings in Sunshine, or any other plugin, with ease.

Not receiving emails

Sunshine sends emails when an order is placed: one to the site admin and a receipt email to the customer. If you are not receiving these emails, please follow these steps:

I am not receiving email notifications

Sunshine sends out email notifications to site admins when a new order is placed as well as to the customer who made the purchase. If one or both are not receiving those emails, try the following:

Not receiving emails or emails are not being sent

If you or your customers are not receiving emails, there may be a configuration problem with WordPress or a server issue preventing emails from going out. If you have a Yahoo! email address, it is not recommended to use this email as the “From” email address. These emails will almost certainly be blocked or end […]

No images being shown in gallery

If you are getting a “Sorry, no images have been added to this gallery yet” error, the likely error is your gallery Image Order settings. Go to Sunshine > Settings > Galleries > Image Order. If you have selected “Order images shot (Images MUST have EXIF field “DateTimeDigitized”)”, then any images which do not have […]

My galleries show a 404 error

If you are experiencing a 404 error for your galleries, it is possible something happened to your permalink settings. In your WordPress admin, go to Settings > Permalinks and simply hit save (you don’t have to change anything). This will reset the settings in the database and in most cases fixes the issue. If that still does […]

Not seeing automatic updates for add-ons in my WordPress admin

Whenever a new update for a Sunshine add-on is released, anyone with an active license will see the update available automatically in their WordPress admin area just like any other plugins on your site. If you know there is an update available and you are not seeing it available as an automatic update, try the following: Wait. Sunshine checks […]

Watermark images are not updating

If you change the watermark after you have uploaded images, all the previously uploaded images will not be automatically updated. However, you can update them very easily using a 3rd party plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails. 

Masonry is not working

If you have installed and enabled the Masonry add-on and are not seeing anything changing, there is a likely cause: all your thumbnails are the same size/orientation and so you can’t see the effect. The masonry effect can only be seen when you have different sized/oriented images. Things to check: Do you have the thumbnail setting set to […]

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