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  • Migrating from Pro Photo Proofing

    A while back ProPhoto discontinued their own proofing system and asked Sunshine to be one of their recommended solutions as an alternative. We were ecstatic to work with them and their photography clients to provide a great proofing system for their WordPress websites. The migration process from ProPhoto’s proofing system to Sunshine is fairly straightforward:

  • Increasing memory limit in WordPress

    Sunshine does have a few functions that can require higher memory limits than are the default – especially when it comes to uploading high resolution images or when downloading large zip files of digital negatives. One thing to try is increasing the available memory your server/WordPress/Sunshine has access to so the process can properly run. […]

  • Price List Shortcode Options

    The Price List shortcode has many options as outlined below. Everything is optional. “price_level” defaults to the first one found all others default to “true”. [sunshine_price_list price_level=”ID/slug” product_price=”true/false” category_description=”true/false”] price_level = The unique ID or slug for the price levelproduct_price = true/false, Show the price of the productscategory_description = true/false, If the product category has […]

  • Widgets

    Sunshine has 3 widgets included which can be used with your theme: Gallery Password Box This widget¬†shows a password field. If they enter the password to an active gallery, they will be automatically redirected to the gallery and allowed access. A great way to use password protected galleries without showing the list of all your […]

  • How to use file list to search in Lightroom

    In every order and for a user’s favorites, Sunshine provides a comma separated list of image file names. This allows you to¬†simply cut and paste into Lightroom to search your catalog for those images. Then you can edit and do whatever you need to do with those images quickly. Here is a 3rd party video […]

  • Shortcodes

    Page Specific Shortcodes During installation, Sunshine will create several pages and insert the following respective shortcodes where necessary. The shortcodes must be placed on the corresponding page assigned in Galleries > Pages & URLs. [sunshine_galleries] Shows Sunshine’s list of galleries with links to each gallery. [sunshine_account] Shows Sunshine’s account area for editing profile, seeing order […]

  • How to use the message system

    The messaging system allows to you define template emails which can be used to invite users to view a gallery or ask them to register for your site.

  • Prevent WP Super Cache from caching Sunshine pages

    WP Super Cache is a great plugin that caches content on your site and helps your website load faster. However, it conflicts with some aspects of Sunshine and needs to be disabled when on Sunshine pages.

  • How to view user favorites

    With Sunshine Photo Cart, you can view which photos your users have marked as favorites in the WordPress administration area.

  • Custom CSS

    Sunshine is all about design flexibility and you can include your own custom CSS on top of the already configurable theme options when using the Sunshine default theme.