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Installation & Settings

  • Setup Guide

    Welcome to the Setup Guide for Sunshine Photo Cart! Don't worry if you're not a tech wizard—this guide is made for everyone. With a few easy steps, you'll be selling your photos on your very own WordPress website in no time. To make things even simpler, included are step-by-step videos for each part of the […]

  • General Settings

    Sunshine has many settings that allow you to have total control over how your galleries look and function. This guide will walk you through each of the various settings areas to explain what they do. Watch the videos or follow along with the written details below: Video coming soon! Full documentation coming soon!

  • How to Install Sunshine Photo Cart

    Installation of Sunshine Photo Cart is fast and painless. If you have WordPress already installed on your site, then you have all the hard stuff already done!

  • Sunshine Themes: Unique Layouts for Your Galleries

    The Default Sunshine Theme can be customized with your own logo, colors, background images and even Google Web Fonts.

  • License Keys

    If you are using any paid add-ons for Sunshine, it has a license key that must be provided in Sunshine > Settings > Licenses. Entering your license key for each add-on allows you to get automatic updates as they are released. When an add-on is activated, Sunshine attempts to automatically get the license key for […]

  • Install add-ons for Pro/Plus/Basic licenses

    If you purchased individual add-ons, see here Do not install all the add-ons! You don't need every single one, I guarantee. Only install the ones you will actually be using. You can also download the add-on plugin files individually if you wish but following the above steps is faster and easier.

  • Install individually purchased add-on

    If you have a Pro license, see here instead

  • Translations

    Sunshine Photo Cart is designed for photographers worldwide. It's why we offer our plugin in multiple languages, ensuring you can navigate and use the platform with ease, no matter what language you speak. This multi-language support caters to the diverse linguistic needs of your local area, allowing you to communicate effectively with clients in their […]

  • Put WordPress into another language

    WordPress has built-in multilingual abilities which we take advantage of in Sunshine.

  • How to integrate Sunshine Photo Cart into your theme

    Integrating Sunshine is an extremely simple process, one setting and you're all done!