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Installation & Settings

Google Maps API Key

As of Sunshine 2.9.1, Sunshine has a feature that allows your users to auto-complete their address at checkout. To configure this feature, all you need is a Google Maps API key with proper APIs enabled and enter it into Sunshine’s settings. Here is how to  get your Google Maps API key and configure it: Generate […]

License Keys

If you are using any paid add-ons for Sunshine, it has a license key that must be provided in Sunshine > Settings > Licenses. Entering your license key for each add-on allows you to get automatic updates as they are released. When an add-on is activated, Sunshine attempts to automatically get the license key for […]

Regenerating Images for Galleries

Sunshine generates the necessary sizes of an image and applies any watermark at the time an image is uploaded. If you have changed any of your image size or watermark settings you will need to regenerate the images from the original upload file. Sunshine has a built-in tool for regenerating images for all Sunshine galleries. […]

Setting up Square

With the Square payment gateway add-on, you can allow your customers to pay for orders using your Square account. There are some things you will need to get from your Square account to setup the integration:

Configuring Tiered Shipping

The Tiered Shipping add-on uses a textual method for configuring the various shipping rates. Go to Sunshine > Settings > Shipping and find the Tiered Shipping method. Example 1 – 50:12|100:19|99999:23 With this setup, you would get the following: Sub total up to $50, shipping = $12 Sub total $50.01 – $100, shipping = $19 Sub […]

Not seeing automatic updates for add-ons in my WordPress admin

Whenever a new update for a Sunshine add-on is released, anyone with an active license will see the update available automatically in their WordPress admin area just like any other plugins on your site. If you know there is an update available and you are not seeing it available as an automatic update, try the following: Wait. Sunshine checks […]

Setup Guide

This is a quick overview of bare minimum steps needed to get Sunshine setup so you can start creating galleries for clients to buy products. If you have purchased Pro or any of our add-ons, please be sure to install the respective add-ons first. Further steps may be required for configuring or using our add-ons.

Amazon S3 integration for unlimited file storage

Sunshine core and our Digital Downloads add-on are now compatible with Amazon S3 through 3rd party plugin WP Offload S3 (free). Simply setup WP Offload S3 and you are done, no extra settings within Sunshine are necessary. All your media uploads will be sent to your Amazon S3 account where you have unlimited file storage.