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How to test for conflicts with other plugins

Sometimes things in Sunshine don't seem to work how you would expect - clicking a link doesn't work, something displays a little awkward, etc. It is possible there is a conflict with another plugin or even your theme. To help identify if there is a conflict follow these steps:

Step 1

Temporarily disable all non-Sunshine plugins. You can use the Health Check plugin to disable plugins only for yourself while your site visitors see everything active as normal if you have a busy website and don't want to disable essential plugins for the rest of your site to function.

Step 2

Check to see if the specific functionality is now working.

Step 3

If yes, great! Now enable the other plugins one-by-one until the functionality breaks again - now we know the culprit of the conflict.

Step 4

If the functionality still does not work as expected, use a default WordPress theme to see if the theme was the source of the conflict.

Step 5

If nothing still works with all other plugins disabled and a default WordPress theme, submit a support ticket for further investigation.

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