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Not receiving emails or going to spam

Sunshine sends various emails to interact with customers. If you or your customers are not receiving them or they are ending up in spam this is not a failure of Sunshine specifically and either an issue with your web host or your WordPress set up as a whole. Sunshine uses built-in WordPress methods for sending emails so other plugins could be causing email sending issues.

If you are not receiving these emails, please follow these steps:

Step 1

Obligatory: Check your spam folder.

Step 2

Confirm you have the right email address in the settings if not receiving order notification emails in Sunshine > Settings > Email > Notifications

Step 3

Add the Email Log plugin that will track any time WordPress tries to send an email. This is to confirm they are being sent at all. If sent emails are showing in the log, then check with your web host to determine the underlying issue.

Step 4

Are you receiving emails from other areas of your site, such as a contact form? If not, this is a global issue and not specific to Sunshine. Disable all other plugins and test again. If it works, then you have identified there is a conflict. Enable plugins one by one and testing after each until it breaks again and you have then identified the conflict.

Step 5

Try an alternate method of having your emails sent for better reliability: