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Sunshine 3 Update and Deactivated Add-ons

In Sunshine 3, all add-ons also need to be updated in order to be compatible with the latest version. If your site auto-updated the core Sunshine Photo Cart plugin but not the add-ons, this could cause issues with your website and Sunshine Photo Cart. As a result, Sunshine 3.0.2 will now automatically deactivate any outdated add-ons that you have installed to prevent site crashes when you access your admin area.

The recommend actions are as follows:

  • Run the Sunshine 3 update process to completion
  • Delete the old add-on plugins from your Plugins page in the admin - this process is safe and you will not lose any data
  • Install the add-ons again

If you are a Pro/Plus user, you can go to Sunshine > Add-ons and select the add-ons you want to use. Be sure your Pro/Plus license key is still active on your site in Sunshine > Settings > Licenses or you will not be able to activate. You can get that license key from here.

If you purchased an individual add-on, you can re-download it from the Downloads area in your account and re-install the plugin.

Add-ons no longer in use

The following plugins you can safely delete and not worry about as they are now part of the core plugin:

  • Mosaic
  • Masonry

The "Tiered Shipping" add-on has been retired and can safely be deleted as it has been replaced with the "Advanced Shipping" add-on.

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